Take Me To The Gallows

"Take Me To The Gallows" is the debut album from the traditional metal / doom metal band from Chicago, Professor Emeritus. The album was recorded from September 2014 to December 2016 and mixed at Chicago Sound Lab in Summit, IL, with Engineering performed by Reuben Baird. The album was mastered at The Boiler Room by Collin Jordan and released on by No Remorse Records.

The band logo was done by Eric Rot (who also did the logo for Chicago's Satan's Hallow), and the album artwork was done by Adam Burke. Adam has done many great album covers, with some of his recent works being for bands such as Moros Nyx, Eternal Champion, Portrait, Pagan Altar, and Pilgrim.

Also available on CD from No Remorse Records in Europe and Amazon.com in the USA.

Take Me To The GallowsAlbum Line-Up